»Advertising was sometimes an industry where ego dominated. At first male ego and then females added its share of it. Without a strong ego, which longed for self-affirmation and self-appraisal, there was no recognition, no success, which is the key for a breakthrough in advertising industry. Only recently, in ten, maybe fifteen year, when advertising is not only “advertising” but a lot more, a “communication business”, the importance of feminine qualities and principles is increasing. You have to be communicative, interdisciplinary, emphatic, possess a broad range of skills and knowledge and able to put yourself in the shoes of consumers and clients – we co-create, co-operate, co-decide,” says Ladeja Godina Košir in her column published on the Media Marketing portal.

The column, in which Ladeja Godina Košir, partner at Giacomelli media, writes about her career path from creative work in advertising agencies to managing a marketing and sales department at the largest Slovenian newspaper Delo and lastly the founding of the company Giacomelli media, is published here.