On November 30th, the former President of the EU Commission and two-time Italian Prime Minister, Romano Prodi, publicly announced his intention to vote in favour of the constitutional reform proposed by the Government led by Matteo Renzi. This endorsement has been much anticipated and Renzi responded with relief. It is worthwhile reading it in its entirety. It reveals the sentiment of many forward-looking Italians these days.

Prodi's endorsement, however, has particular value in the aspect in which he reveals his own personal motivation for the support of Renzi's reform process. He refers back to his two attempts to change Italy, when he found largely the same opposing forces as Renzi is fiercely combatting today.

In the latest article on Siol.NET I refer to the need to complete the change process in Italy after many failed attempts and, excluding Romano Prodi's engagements, a generation-long period of false and misleading Berlusconian leadership, which followed the "Mani Pulite" investigation. It is difficult to find the courage and will to still believe in change after all that.

But now it's time.