In Brussels on 7th of June 2017 was held the conference devoted to the empowerment of minority media and analyzed the situation of the media in Hungarian language in Serbia, Ukraine, Slovakia and Romania. The conference was organized by MEPs Andor Deli, Pál Csáky, Tamás Deutsch, Csaba Sógor and László Tőkés. Balázs Bencze from MIDAS
(European Association of minority daily newspapers) was also participant of the

Deli Andor, deputy of Hungarian FIDESZ in the European Parliament with origin from Vojvodina in opening speech stressed that minority media in addition to information, have the role of preserving the language and identity of a community  that they communicate. "Minority communities are not strong enough to hold their own media and therefore support from the states is necessary. The Hungarian government wants to achieve superior results at the European level in that area, "- said Deli.

Lorant Vincze, president of FUEN (Federal Union of European nationalities) introduced the participants to the initiative Minority SafePack and urged participants in the event and the media who report on their native language to support the collection of signatures. He stressed that
minority communities have strong communication in neighboring countries where their language is used and that can contribute to the success of this initiative. "We have provided media content availablity in the regions inhabited by minority communities" - explained the President FUEN-a.
Natasa Heror, director of Heror Media Pont from Novi Sad presented the activities of the
media in minority languages and their positioning in the public dialogue in Serbia by organizing events in which the media, language and culture of minority communities are in focus, with an emphasis on the importance of increasing the income of media beside the state aid aimed at
gaining new readers and investment in the development of on-line platforms.
Bodzsoni István, director of RTV Pannon from Subotica stressed that minority media must keep pace with modernization and track trends. "In the near future RTV Pannon plans to launch a
delivering service from the most modern studios in the region" - said Bodzsoni.

Source: Media Heror Pont