First European Conference devoted to minority media is going to be held in Novi Sad in November this year
is was announced during press conference in Egység palace. Discussion was led by Dalibor Rožić from City
Council / field of culture, Đorđe Vukmirović, Deputy of Vojvodinian Province Secretar for Culture, Public
Information and Relations with Religious Communities /filed of media, and in the name of organizers
General Manager of “Heror Media Pont” Nataša Heror and General Manager of “Magyar Szó” Ökresz
- We are protagonists in the mission of protection of indentity, culture and language of minority
communities. Our role has more levels and it is in many ways specific. We can say that we are one of pillars
of our communities. In Serbia, Vojvodina their is no doubt that minority media have to be supported from
State budget. Inspite of this, we are constantly working on to find the modalities how to improve stability
and power. The first Regional conference actually was launched five years ago with the main scope to
reinforce minority media and to rais up their visibility and presence in public dialogue – stressed Ökresz
- Each dialogue which is empowering position of minority communities is very useful, especially if it is
harmonizing relations of all acters in one society. The importance of this Conference is already proved in fact
that it is growing up the existing frames and is becoming European, which says about a quality of the
programme which was elaborated. - emphasized Dalibor Rožić.
Đorđe Vukmirović explained the importance of State support in work of minority media as a preservation of
diversity of Serbian society and a constant development for minority media which is given by Conference.
In Vojvodinian informative system their is 230 media houses and 60 of them are minority media.
Nataša Heror said that Conference is a platform which is supporting inter-sectors dialogue when we are
talking about empowering of minority media and announced a new cycle of five European conferences with
the aim to continue, impove and grow existing practice and to position Novi Sad as a minority and local
media development center. In upcoming period the Conference should be recognized as a communicational
platform towards minority communities within a project Novi Sad European Capital of Culture 2021.
Beside that it was emphasized the importance of sensibility of public how accesible communication and
information for disabled persons are important because they are also a part of minority population of society.
During event it was promoted a publication “Communities of New Times” made on the work of 5th Regional
Conference devoted to minority media which was held i Novi Sad, November 2016.
Source: Heror Media Pont
Photo credit: Dávid Csilla
Novi Sad, 21. June 2017