The European Investment Project Portal (EIPP) is a brand new web portal enabling EU based project promoters – public or private – to reach potential investors worldwide. The EIPP is the meeting place for project promoters and investors worldwide.

The eligible projects should be in areas of energy efficiency, transport, healthcare, renewable energy, broadband infrastructure or in financing SMEs. It is part of the Investment Plan for Europe initiative to mobilise investment, promote economic growth and create more jobs across the EU.

What do if I am an Investor?

The Portal is designed as a central EU project information platform allowing you to find investment opportunities according to your own preferences, using advanced search and filtering criteria, and automatic notifications.

What do if I am a Project Promoter?

You can already submit your investment project by simply downloading and filling out on-line the  EIPP Project Form. You can submit forms in one of the EU's official languages. The European Commission will provide and publish a free translation into English. The original language version of the project form will be the authentic version of the project on the EIPP. The project information will be published after a screening of its eligibility by the European Commission.

Project eligibility

To be admitted for publication the project must:

  • have a total cost of at least € 10 million
  • fall under one of the pre-determined high-economic-value-added sectors (a choice of up to two sectors per project is available to the promoters)
  • be expected to start within three years of submission
  • be promoted by a public or private legal entity established in an EU country
  • be compatible with all applicable EU and national laws


Interested in being part of EIPP?