The European Commission has launched a Call for Ideas, an initiative to support Europe's most promising innovators. The European Innovation Council (EIC) wants to know how entrepreneurs can overcome the current obstacles facing disruptive innovation technology in Europe, and what the EIC can do to help them improve the situation.

The EU is making major efforts to boost innovation by enhancing investment, improving regulation, strengthening markets, funding research and innovation, and building regional capacities. However it is still losing the race on scaling up disruptive and market-creating innovation. While the number of start-ups created in Europe is on a par with competitors such as the United States, Europe lags behind in disruptive innovation and in transforming start-ups into world-beating businesses.

In our last post we discussed Commissioner Moeadas’ new vision for the European Innovation Council. Although positive steps have been taken in recent years to integrate an innovation component into EU programmes and policies, the array of support mechanisms can still be difficult to navigate; it lacks the flexibility and responsiveness that disruptive innovation needs.

In order to complete his vision, Commissioner Moedas launched the Call for Ideas at the Science|Business Annual Conference in Brussels. It is important that the design of the European Innovation Council is based on the best possible ideas and evidence from all interested parties (notably business, entrepreneurs, academia, national and regional authorities, and representative bodies). The Commission is therefore seeking the views of stakeholders, including via the online Call for Ideas survey. An analysis of the responses will be published by June 2016 and feed into any possible proposals that the Commission discusses with Member States and the European Parliament.

The Call for Ideas involves a small number of questions. You can also upload a position paper on the platform. Click here to complete the survey. The deadline for responses is 29 April 2016.