Tasteful, charming, and luxurious are some of the adjectives that come to mind when thinking about Italian food. Few countries enjoy such wonderful international brand awareness as Italy, especially when it comes to their lifestyle and affordable luxury products.

“The Italian brand is very appealing in international markets”, said Rossana Bettini, PR and Communications Manager as well as co-founder of Enjoy Italy, as she began to explain the concept behind Enjoy Italy.

Enjoy Italy is a new dining concept which comprises a wine bar, restaurant, and shop all in one grand Italian showroom. They plan to become the ultimate genuine Italian food destination for all Italian food aficionados outside Italy. Their showroom is being incubated at the moment in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and has plans to expand throughout the markets of former Yugoslavia. 

“The idea is that you can come to eat, drink or taste something, and if you like it, you can take it home with you”, commented Severino Bettini, Managing Director and co-founder of Enjoy Italy. They have an exclusive catalogue of twenty of the finest food and beverage producers in Italy, such as Berlucchi Wines and San Daniele Prosciuttos. The main goal is not only to sell to the end consumer who visits the restaurant, but also to become a wholesale distributor for the restaurants and retailers of the region. They plan to achieve this by positioning their exclusive catalogue with niche suppliers in this region.

Severino saw the opportunity when he realized that these Italian brands were losing a lot of potential clients as their first time orders were usually too costly for minor retailers to afford. Enjoy Italy will act as an intermediary for them, taking the role of entering and consolidating the market. They decided to start in Ljubljana because both founders live in the vicinity of Trieste, Italy, and they already have some previous experience in the market.

Their strategy is to deliver the ultimate authentic Italian dining experience to the public. This experience starts with the plate, where the pasta will be the main ingredient of the dish. All the dishes in Enjoy Italy are made with the highest quality, 100% authentic Italian ingredients. They also have plans to enter Zagreb, Croatia next year.