Here comes a story of luxury, revealed at “the” event of luxury industry, Baselworld 2015. Jacob Arabo, Jacob & Co. and Flavio Briatore, The Billionaire, introduced The Billionarie Watch, a luxury timepiece that encapsulate modern glamour in wearable luxury form. Aptly entitled “Billionaire,” the gem-set timepiece brings the craftsmanship of Jacob & Co.’s high-jewelry watches to life through the worldly lens of Flavio Briatore’s haute couture and lifestyle brand.

“The watch is the main accessory you use and everybody wears a watch. The Billionaire watch is not only a watch, it is a piece of art, it is something unbelievable,” says Flavio Briatore about his feelings for the luxury watch business. As a trendsetter in the luxury sector, Briatore is known for both his strong management background with Formula One and his entrepreneurial role as founder of Billionaire Italian Couture.

These traits, shared to the highest degree by Jacob & Co. Chairman and Founder, Jacob Arabo, have paved the way for a naturally synergistic partnership between the two men. Leaders within their creative spheres, Briatore and Arabo revolutionized the world of jewelry and haute horology with creation of The Billionarie Watch.

Designed by Jacob Arabo, The Billionaire boasts a case and bracelet set with 260 carats of GIA Certified emerald-cut diamonds, with individual gems weighing as much as 3 carats. Each diamond is mounted on a finely crafted 18K white gold bead setting each meticulously shaped into an inverted-pyramid, the sparkling stones adorn the timepiece. In its center is positioned the watch’s skeletonized caliber, expertly reduced to its most refined dimension while showcasing excellence of its hand-wound tourbillon.

“I always want to create a timepiece which is going to be the most luxurious and world-expensive. I always have in my mind, the watches for the kings or nowadays, in our times are just billionaires,” explains Jacob Arabo about his inspiration behind the product and its name. “The name is of course taken by my dear friend Briatore and we decided to call it Billionaire and I decided to manufacture and design this watch, because I wanted to make historical timepiece”.

The Billionaire gallantly revives the subtle nuances of 1920s jewelry arts while reveling in the technical possibilities of contemporary watchmaking. “If you look at this watch is easy to understand, however to design such masterpiece is quite complicated”, pointed out Flavio Briatore.  “It is a pleasure that here the brand Billionaire is associate with Jacob & Co., as with Jacob we are friends for many years and doing something together as this, is very exciting for us. We met in New York many years ago and we spent time together especially in summer, in Sardinia and Monaco, where I live,” explained Briatore the business chemistry with Arabo and decisive factors for successful launch of the Billionarie Watch. “First of all you need the idea and then the technology to make a product and of course, you need finance - no finance no romance. It is true; you cannot do such product without any money”.

With the fruits of the collaboration, a timekeeping masterpiece, Jacob & Co. continues to revolutionize the world of jewelry and haute horology and cover shoots for fashion’s most prestigious publications to red carpets around the globe. Flavio Briatore develops another romance, according to his famous quotation, Work is the most romantic thing there is, saying “Work is everything for a man. You want to have money and to do something. For this, you need passion and the work you love. You can change it anytime, as you have only one life and you want to have different experiences. For me it is important to have different businesses and jobs, since I want to understand what is going on in different sectors. Here with Jacob we work with the luxury, the exclusivity. This is kind of a niche we like and it is exactly what mean luxury, technology and uniqueness”.


Photo: (left to right) Flavio Briatore, Tina Drolc, Jacob Arabo, The Billionarie Watch