New Calzedonia TV commercial is on air from October, starring the timeless icon Julia Roberts. The story of two parallel paths, a woman and her world in a voyage of self-discovery through places and encounters, aims at increasing the brand awareness in the new markets. Calzedonia, name synonymous with stockings and swimsuits is part of Calzedonia Group, founded in 1987 in the Italian city of Verona.

“Life is a journey. Enjoy every single step.” is the title of the new Calzedonia TV campaign lead by advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi. TV commercial speaks directly from woman to woman. Through the eyes of Julia Roberts reveals femininity and all its angles, directed by internationally recognized Italian commercial director Ago Panini.

The idea to show places and ways of living the everyday life with an ever-changing style in a woman’s world begins with the journey in Scotland. A commercial that stirs the emotions inspires the observer to fall silent and listen. The next step is Paris, a dreamily feminine city and place to explore guided by instinct. In the end of commercial, Julia Roberts yearns for an authentic experience found in the warm atmosphere of a villa in the hills around Florence, where tradition and beauty leave one insight - in her heart.

The target public of philosophy that a journey cannot be measured by the distance covered, but by the moments of life you experienced along the way is “every woman”, explained in Calzedonia and furthermore exclusively defined for MediaChange, that “Such an icon helps increase the brand awareness especially in the new markets we are approaching”. Nowadays Calzedonia has 1.850 sales outlets distributed in more than 30 countries, with stockings and swimsuits for women, men and children. As Calzedonia told to MediaChange, The Julia Roberts’s testimonial opens a new chapter after having exhausted the previous commercial’s concept designed to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the company. Today we claim, “Calzedonia presents the travel essentials, recommend the evergreen must-have items not to travel without.” …In every woman's journey through life, we could add.

In a wider specter, Calzedonia is the brand of the Calzedonia Group that stands for five brands: Calzedonia, Intimissimi, Tezenis, Falconeri and Signorvino. The group numbers more than 26.000 employees worldwide (3.000 of which are based in Italy), with the network of more than 3.600 sales outlets distributed in more than 35 different countries. As far as the geographical distribution of the stores is concerned, the most of them are situated in the heart of Europe (Germany, France, Spain and Portugal). Since 2014 the focus is on global market expansion, Hong Kong and Far East countries, where chain stores are already appreciated and to undertake the commercial penetration.

Perhaps the selected way of flourishing Calzedonia’s international vocation in the new commercial comes from the motto of its founder Sandro Veronesi, the head the Calzedonia Group: “In life and business you have to be actors, not spectators”.